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Home Buyer Representation

Purchasing a home is typically one of the largest investments one will make in their lifetime. The agents at Vantage Residential want to ensure that your experience purchasing a home is seamless and successful and will guide you through every step of the way.

Home Visits

An agent will personally guide you through every home you wish to visit. These tours allow you to check the overall condition of each home, consider possible home improvements, and give insight into the neighborhood and community.

Making an Offer

One you have decided on a home, you will work with your Vantage Residential agent to determine an appropriate offer. The offer will take into account the price, terms (contingencies, et al), targeted closing date, earnest money deposit, and time limit for the offer.

Contract Execution

Your Vantage Residential agent will walk you through the time period between final offer and contract execution. Some key-points that will be included in the contract are:

  • list of contingencies (financial and/or inspection based)
  • property disclosure information
  • list of required inspections
  • the effective date of the contract.

Home Inspection

As soon as your offer is accepted, you should schedule your home inspection. A home inspector will check over 1,000 items involving systems, appliances and structures within the home. You will receive a written report that identifies potential problems and/or future maintenance issues. It is up to you, the buyer, to decide whether the report means you want to walk away from a home or ask the sellers to make repairs.

Home Warranty

Some home sellers pay for a home warranty that covers them while their home is on the market and conveys to the buyers after the sale. You can ask your Vantage Residential agent for advice about negotiating whether the sellers pay for a warranty or whether the buyers take care of it. A home warranty policy, which typically lasts for one year and is renewable, provides coverage for some of your home’s systems and appliances. In return for the annual fee, the company will cover repair costs and arrange for contractors. You will pay a deductible and possibly service fees if you need to use the warranty.


Closing on your new home is very exciting but can be nerve-wracking as well. Your Vantage Residential agent and your lender should have you fully prepared for the day. There is a significant amount of paperwork that requires signature, including, but not limited to, cashier’s checks, disclosure forms and promissory notes. Once signed, the keys are yours!

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